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February 9, 2016

Dear Members,

The 2016 Legislative Session began Monday January 11, 2016 at the State Capitol.  Governor Deal held his State of the State Address on Wednesday, January 13th and outlined his agenda and budget for the Session.  He stated that he has not changed his opinion on Medicaid Expansion and that he would not be considering expanding Medicaid.

The Governor's 2016 Amended Budget and 2017 Budget were released, Thursday, January 14th.  There are some clear positives and negatives for all Home and Community Based Service Providers.  I saw no funds for HCBS in the Amended 2016 Budget.  
He recommended no dollars for Aging services except for 11 APS Caseworkers totaling $760,000 and 1000 new slots for Non-Medcaid HCBS slots totaling $2 million.  No Aging Provider Rate increases.  Lastly, he recommended to move the CCSP Program from DHS to DCH totaling $46.5 million transferred but no new dollars.  There are NO details regarding how this will work out as of yet.

The Budget may be viewed in full detail at opb.georgia.gov.

As we are able to get more details, I will certainly pass those along.  Budget Presentations and Hearings will begin today Tuesday, January 19th and I will be present.  

Also, I attended the DCH Board Meeting, January 14th at 2 Peachtree.  There were several public notices that effect HCBS Service Providers.  For Hospice providers there was Final Approval Georgia Hospice Reimbursement Update that replaces the RHC per firm rate with two different payment rates effective January 1, 2016.

Each of these Public Notices may be viewed in detail at DCH.georgia.gov under Meetings and Notices, then under Public Notices. 

Respectfully submitted,
Steven Neff
ALAG Executive Director


January 3, 2013

Dear Providers,

The Assisted Living Association of Georgia over the last few months has been working diligently for its members to address several issues of importance to the assisted living industry.  

Prior to the recent passage of the new Personal Care Home Rules and Regulations from the Department of Community Health in December 2012, the leadership of ALAG served on an Advisory Workgroup to address issues and concerns.  Many concerns were addressed and corrected, however ALAG still wishes to correct an issue regarding awake staff needed during sleep hours, and of course the use of the term "assisted living" by our members who do not decide to become licensed as "Assisted Living Communities".  The rules will become effective in early 2013.

Recently ALAG leadership also met with Rep. Sharon Cooper, Chairwomen of the House Health and Human Services Committee, at Gaines Park to discuss several issues including the assisted living language issue.  The assisted living language issue was also carried to the Governor's Office, where ALAG met with Katie Rogers, Health Policy Advisor, to discuss in detail our wishes to get this addressed in the upcoming 2013 Session.  

ALAG was recently approached by GA Trend Magazine for ALAG to participate and contribute to a feature article in the January 2013 issue.  The leadership conducted a phone interview with the writer to share background information on the assisted living industry, as well as our concerns regarding the assisted living language issue.  Our membership was given an opportunity to participate in advertising, and ALAG purchased ad space as well.  We are looking forward to a good article that we hope will shed light on our industry across the state of Georgia.

Lastly, ALAG participates in many meetings all year across the state with Legislators and Regulators in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our members and keep them apprised of changes in the industry,

Please feel free to contact our ALAG office anytime regarding questions.

Steven Neff
ALAG Executive Director

January 2013 Issue
Georgia Trend Article featuring Assisted Living in Georgia

Article link:

July 1, 2012

Dear ALAG Members,

ALAG Leadership, including John LaHood, President; James Pettis, Pres Elect; and Dan Day, Past Present, met recently with Mr. Brian Looby, the new Chief of Health Facility Regulation as a meet and greet to discuss ALAG Issues.

The meeting started with us sharing ALAG history with Mr. Looby and discussing his recent history as Legal Counsel at the Medical Association of Georgia prior to his taking this position in April. We were very pleased with his attitude toward ALAG and other associations, which was like a breath of fresh air!

We discussed the recently proposed Proxy Caregiver Rules that are currently in front of the DCH Board. The Public Hearing on these Rules was held June 22nd at the 2 Peachtree Building at 10:00 AM on the 5th floor.

We also discussed the recently passed legislation SB 178 regarding establishment of an Assisted Living Community Licensure. There will be a workgroup developed to discuss these rules and ALAG will be asked to be at the table. There was also a town hall meeting on June 22nd at 11:30 AM at the 2 Peachtree Building as well on the 5th floor.

As many of you will recall, we have historically had Quarterly PCH Meetings with HFR in which we and our peer associations meet with HFR to discuss issues from our membership. Mr. Looby has agreed to continue those meetings with us and we are quite pleased.

Mr. Looby also agreed that to improve communication between his office and providers that they would send any policy changes and other announcements to ALAG so we will be able to send out to our membership. This should greatly improve our communication with the department and help us to keep our membership more informed. Previously, providers would have to navigate the HFR website to take notice of these important changes. This should be a tremendous value to our membership.

Lastly, we offered to sponsor regular training space for all PCH Providers to attend training by HFR on any new issues that arise. We are hopeful that Mr. Looby will take us up on that recommendation as we feel it would be very helpful for our members as well as all PCH Providers across the state.

Thanks for allowing us to represent you! This report will also be posted on our website at www.alag.org

Steve Neff
ALAG Executive Director

Luncheon with Speaker of the House, David Ralston- ALAG Legislative Chair, Dan Day and Executive Director, Steve Neff had the opportunity to attend a small private lunch on January 5, 2012 with Speaker Ralston to discuss Assisted Living issues in Georgia.

Left: Speaker David Ralston Right: Dan Day, ALAG Legislative Chair

Download a copy of Proxy Caregiver Rues effective 8/7/11: Click Here

Download a copy of SB 178: Click Here

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